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2021 Media Kit



    Deanie has been a fiddler in Nashville and all over the world for the past 35 years.  Her employers have included Patty Loveless, Vince Gill, the world renown Chieftains, Holly Dunn, and recently she had the honor of going out on Bob Seger's U.S tour.  When she is not on the road she is teaching students of all ages, to play fiddle, mandolin, and guitar.  Deanie grew up backstage at the Grand Ole Opry with the likes of Howdy Forrester, Roy Acuff and many of the bluegrass and country music greats.  She continues to work there on rotation as house band fiddler.

    She is currently the fiddler for Sister Sadie, labeled by critics as the ..." newest bluegrass supergroup...". The band features the Grammy-nominated Dale Ann Bradley, who is a five-time award-winning female vocalist of the year for the International Bluegrass Music Association. They are currently working on our second album to be released in 2018. They are in their second year of touring the united states.  

     Deanie believes in hard work, and playing hard. Her latest project title which reflects her life's motto is set for release in 2018 as well.  "Love Hard Work Hard Play Hard" features Patty Loveless, Ronnie Bowman, and Dale Ann Bradley, not to mention 3 original songs written by Deanie herself. It is a project close to her heart and encompasses pieces, friendships, and reflections from her 37-year career as a musician in Nashville and around the world.

"It's gonna have a fiddle player for the first time and she's really firery..." ~Bob Seger

"If you've never seen Deanie play live, you're in for such a treat.  She commands the stage like no other." ~Music City Roots

"Sometimes great country fiddlers aren’t great bluegrass fiddlers and vice-versa, but she encompasses those styles. She knows the difference and plays the difference."~Vince Gill

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